Parenting Hacks Every Mom Should Know

We all know that we, moms, love our kids to the moon and back, but let’s all be honest here – parenting is not easy.


That is why we, as one parent to another, should always share useful tips on how to make parenting much easier.


Luckily, parents from all parts of the world have shared their useful parenting hacks to help every parent to keep their sanity while making sure they make their children have a happy childhood.


Parenting hacks that might come in handy:


  • If your daughter is a fan of Barbie dolls, you might be facing the problem of tangled hair from time to time. The thing is, tangled Barbie hair seems impossible to fix! But, not anymore – to untangle and make Barbie’s hair shiny again, simply mix fabric conditioner with hair conditioner and use it to wash the doll’s hair. Comb the hair while washing it until you remove all the tangles.
  • If you’re having a hard time fitting shoes to your too-energetic-toddler when you visit the mall, trace your toddler’s foot before you even go to the mall and cut these traces out. This way, you can simply use the traced cut-outs to see if a pair fits. Just make sure that you always use a new trace each time you shop for a new pair of shoes for your children to make sure that the size you have is up-to-date – they grow up too fast!
  • If your kid is having a hard time putting their shoe to the proper foot, cut a sticker in half and put each half in the middle of the insole of each shoe. This way, your kid will be able to tell which is which because of the sticker.
  • If your child loves drawing – even on your precious wood furniture, you can easily remove every hint of a permanent marker from your rustic piece of furniture by rubbing non-gel toothpaste over the affected area and leaving it for a few hours. Then, wipe it off with a damp cloth, apply wood polish and voila! Your furniture will be as good as new.