Mothers come in all beautiful shapes and sizes – but we all share one thing in common: we want what’s best for our children.


Mommie’s Closet is a friendly community created especially for mothers – a supportive, informative, and positive atmosphere is what we are striving to promote and maintain here in this community.


Useful tips on parenting as well as helpful information on how we, moms, can also take care of ourselves are constantly being shared here on Mommie’s Closet. We are also open to any mom who wants to ask for advice from fellow mothers. From time to time, we post anonymous questions from moms who need some guidance and support.


We understand (and know by heart!) that motherhood is undeniably amazing – and admittedly demanding at times. Mommie’s Closet knows that during some tough times, moms sometimes need someone to lean on and someone to talk to – and there are no other people who know better about the challenges of being a mother than, well, other moms.


So, let’s share stories and learn from each other here in the community.


Whether you’re a working mom, a single mom, a stay-at-home mom, or any other type of mom – you’re special, you’re a hero, and you’re welcome to join in Mommie’s Closet.